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The Books

Did You Know...

Did You Know...
  • That Jack's last name was supposed to be Flamingo?
  • That the first book has been rewritten twice?
    • Did you also known that the first time it was written is the only time that it was completed?
  • That Ashes was originally called Future Fight and was based entirely in the future?
  • That Tom started off with two brothers, Jack with none and Emily with two sisters?
  • That Naomi was meant to be just someone who was killed before she was upgraded to Emily's sister?
  • That Naomi was originally killed off in Ashes/Future Fight by being run over by the London Eye before Tom forced her into Universe 23 to protect her from death?
  • That Naomi wasn't meant to return to Universe 01 until after the main saga had finished, and even then Tom wasn't supposed to know she was alive until he met her again?
  • That the author has a blog that he publishs new short stories?
  • That the Covenant Invasion of Earth Series was just three chapters long when it was conceived: Tom, Jack and Cameron?
  • That until January 2014 the Covenant Invasion of Earth Series was only 6 chapters long instead of 9?
  • That the NCIS Series is based on the show with Saga aspects added in?
  • That the NCIS Series is the author's way of killing off characters and seeing other characters' reactions without it effecting the overall plot of the story?


Universe 01

Thomas CaneMato HēijiJacob GungEmma "One" Kamshi / Violet Onceson

Universe 02

Thomas CaneAmelia "Two" AriaJackie NeroFaye AstontoshEa ShitonRuby Tilly-Anne O'Reilly † • Rico PrydeHarriet SpadeTanya Adams

Universe 08

Naomi RoseThomas CaneEmma "Eight" JacksonFelix Ross



"Strike the Heart" / "Ashes"


"A Past to Remember"


"The Future's Past"

Visitors from Another TimeKill or be KilledNo Place Like HellDuck, Role and SurviveTime, Light and Grass

"Covenant Invasion of Earth"



Blackout in 18Request of the CenturyMurder in M1Double UpTake-off ChaosChrono CollisionCalm Before the StormUpper SixthInnocent DemiseShowdown in Science

"Three Years Too Early..."

Out of PlaceDemolish With ItselfClassroom ExperiencePaperProtect or RegretIncomingAdmit


The Convertible Jump



Universe 01Universe 03Universe 04Universe 15Universe 16Universe 17Universe 18Universe 20Universe 23Universe 29Universe 31Universe 40


Locations by Universe and Year

Universe 01


Tom's HouseNewton AbbotVicky's HouseIpplepenRalph's HouseCoombeshead AcademyBradley Barton BaseEmily's HouseTorbay Hospital


Court RoomProtector PrisonRoom of Universe Jumping


Coombeshead BaseCatacombs of ProtectorsHayley CanyonZoombian Compound 15 / Dudley's Playpen


Creation Vortex



Introduced in

The Beginning

Type-12 Holo-WatchType-16 Holo-Watch

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